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Payment Options

If you’ve received a bill from Roblin Insurance, you can pay it online,

via check, or through a wire transfer—whichever works best for you.  You may also pay your bill with your credit card instantly and conveniently—and earn points or miles while you’re at it!

   Credit Card Payments:

  1. Visit Roblin Insurance’s secure payment portal on or before your due date.

  2. Enter your Roblin Insurance Invoice Number, payment, and credit card details and authorize the processing fee (equal to 3.25% of your premium).

  3. Click Process Transaction and you’re set until your next payment is due.


   Check Payments:

  1. Make your check payable to “Roblin Insurance”

  2. Write your Roblin Insurance Invoice Number in the memo section

  3. Mail to:

      144 Gould Street, Suite 100

      Needham, MA 02494

   Wire or ACH payment: 

   Please request ACH/Wire information by emailing us at

   Have questions?  Contact us HERE  



Please note – this service is for Roblin Insurance invoices only. If you received an invoice from your insurance carrier, please pay that item per the instructions on your carrier issued invoice.