Legacy Life

An innovative approach to ensure meaningful endowments for non-profits

Providing funding to non-profits for tomorrow’s needs!

  • A proven and successful tool with impressive results. We will exceed your expectations!
  • Addresses the uncertainty of your long term financial concerns.
  • Provides for the maintenance, perpetuation, and growth of your existing programming and services.
  • Creates a tangible long term connection between donors and your organization to leverage for future and ongoing funding initiatives.

How it Works

The problem:  

While many non-profits struggle to meet the needs of existing programs and services, few have addressed tomorrow’s needs with an effective, dependable and guaranteed funding vehicle.  Achieving long term financial stability is the number one problem identified by non-profits today.

The solution:

Through the issuance of a single pay or short term pay life insurance policy donors can leave a lasting legacy to your organization and their loved ones by providing much-needed funding at the time of their death. Policies are designed to be affordable for most of your donor base by using smaller face amounts, lower premiums, and simplified issue underwriting (no exams etc.).LegacyLife is a proven and successful means of building a solid financial base for decades and generations to come.


Some Policy Features

  • Are offered at a single pay or three-year pay premium option (commitment)
  • Premiums are paid either annually or in equal monthly installments (12 or 36 months)
  • Benefit per donor (death benefit) will range from $25,000-$100,000+

The time is now to address the financial uncertainty of what lies ahead.

Let us work together with your donor base to make a profound difference

in providing you with a solid foundation for your future funding needs. 


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